Contribute to our resources

Are you a therapist, helper, or healer with something to say about how you work with people?

Are you a therapy client with a good or bad experience others can learn from?

Do you have a personal or professional passion for one of our topics?

Your experience, advice, and views are an important part of the direction that we want therapy and care to move towards. We would love to include them in our resources. And there’s lots of ways to do that!

You can have a look at our page about Our Framework and our existing Resources to get an idea of what we’re all about.

Be a guest on our podcast to talk about your experiences or your passions within mental health and healing.

Write something for us. We’re not looking for fancy or academic writing, and we can work with anything you would be willing to share with us: a quote, a blog post, a list of suggestions, a ‘stream of consciousness’ piece…

Create something like a video, a recording, a piece of art, or a poem.

Email us to start a conversation about this!