Psychotherapy with Maya

I’m here to listen


How often do you have a space that is just for you?

 If you are here, you have already made the first step of recognising you need this space and time. 

Together we will go on a journey where you can discover what has been holding you back, work through painful memories and understand yourself better. This journey might be scary and painful at times, but it will also allow you to let go of what isn’t working and grow your confidence, compassion and self-acceptance.  You are the expert of your own life, and I am here to be by your side and guide you every step of the way.

There could be many reasons why you are here today. So, rather than trying to guess, I offer a free 15 minute consultation where I will share a bit more about myself and you can tell me about what brought you here and then you can decide if you want to take the next step.

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