Our Holistic Support Services

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Our top priority is providing and actually helpful and accessible service.

We are a small team, made up of three people who have both personal and professional experience of what it really means to navigate the system while disabled or neurodivergent. We started this service because we know that a lot of the support out there tends to not be understanding or flexible enough. Because we are so small, we can treat each person we work with as an individual and build the support around you.

Independent Advocacy
“I need someone to speak up for me because of there are barriers to accessing support”

Independent Advocacy

An independent advocate can help you speak up for yourself and achieve your goals. They do this by helping you to understand your rights and options, supporting you to voice what you want, and, if needed, speaking to professionals on your behalf.

Independent advocacy might be for you if you’ve already tried to access the support you need but something got in the way or you weren’t listened to. This is a paid service, so you might also want to look into using self-advocacy resources or a free advocacy service in your area.

Independent advocacy is not clinical – meaning we can’t give you a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We can give you information about what help is recommended for the issues you are struggling with and how to access this.

Community Support
“I’m feeling a bit stuck and am struggling to move forward”

Community Support

If, like a lot of people, you feel stuck because of a mix of practical situation and disability/mental health, this service might be able to help.

This holistic service is there to support you in a flexible way to work out and achieve your goals. This can be in a number of different ways, depending on your situation and who you are working with.

All of our workers have personal and professional experience around mental health and disability. They can offer support that is based on your individual situation. This can be a mix of practical help, giving you information, listening to how you are feeling, getting you in touch with other helpful services, and helping you work out what you want to achieve.

Community support is not an on-going service. If you have long-term needs because of a disability or mental health condition, we might not be the right service for you. Instead, we could help you apply for support from your local authority.

Meeting Support
“I’m independent but would like someone to help me with this meeting”

Meeting Support

It can often be helpful to bring someone along to a meeting that is about your support needs or makes you nervous. They can give you more confidence, remind you of things, and act as a witness.

A friend or family member could help you with this. We have some self-advocacy resources that you could look through together to prepare. You could also check whether a free advocacy service in your area can provide someone.

We can provide a low-cost package that includes:

  • A phone call or meeting before-hand to let us know about your reasons and goals for the meeting
  • Support during the meeting from someone who is knowledgeable about mental health, disability, and services
  • A debrief after the meeting, like going for a coffee or talking it out in a private space

To refer yourself or a client to this service, please fill out a referral form.

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